Neopharm Group's distribution chain: a legacy of Over 70 years 

Concocting Quality

Our pharmacy department ensures the quality of all pharmaceuticals and sensitive health care products, undergoing rigorous supervision, monitoring, and regulatory checks until full approval. The department is a key element of the pharma-related services, performing a critically important role for all businesses that supply pharmaceuticals.  

Areas of activity of the pharmacy department at Promedico include: 

  • Coordination and integration of various factors – regulatory affairs, compliance and marketing authorization holders
  • Support for the QP of the marketing authorization holder
  • Import of medicinal product under Regulation 29 - unregistered medicinal product
  • On-site narcotics management
  • Handling quality complaints
  • Adaptation and overlabeling of medicinal products
  • Monitoring vaccination activities related to School children health

At Promedico, the pharmacy department stands as one of the most critical departments within our supply chain. It serves as the quality control, testing, and monitoring authority to ensure the successful completion of all supply chain processes. 

Qualified Person (QP) 

The QP at Promedico assumes responsibility for the quality of pharmaceuticals and their release to the market. The QP is responsible for reviewing the batch manufacturing documentation, shipping data and artwork review. Based on their integrity, authorizing the release of each batch to the market.

The QP works in full cooperation with the Regulatory, Import and Procurement, and Marketing departments, as well as the company's pharmacy department staff. In cases of deviations identified after marketing, the QP's duty is to gather the necessary findings, inform the Ministry of Health and determine if further actions such as product recalls are required.

Promedico places a strong emphasis on quality assurance for its products, thus the QP’s role serves as an additional layer of protection to ensure the quality of products that have successfully undergone rigorous quality assurance processes.