Neopharm Group's distribution chain: a legacy of Over 70 years 

Your products are in good hands


 A key to Promedico's success is our efficient management of product storage and picking. We handle and store millions of products annually from the leading Israeli and international brands, spanning various industries. Our stringent procedures and storage and picking quality control routines make us one of Israel's strongest and most reliable logistics companies. 

Learn more about our storage and picking services:

  • Pharmaceutical Wholesaler – authorized to import, store, pick and distribute medicinal products
  • Inventory management following the FEFO (first expired first out) method or any other method as per the requirements of business partners, or customers 
  • Storage under different temperature conditions to match customer specifications: 59-77°F (15-25°C), 36-46°F (2-8°C), -4°F (-20°C), and -94°F (-70°C)
  • Full traceability and batch management from the receipt of shipments from suppliers to the end customer’s shelves 
  • Warehouse temperature management system equipped for monitoring and alerting as needed  
  • Efficient management of returns in accordance with customer and regulatory requirements
  • Ability to perform recalls as necessary
  • Inventory management using one of the most advanced Inventory Management Systems (WMS) in the world

When it is necessary to pick and store high-quality or sensitive products, it is important to choose a company with the expertise and the necessary physical and human resources to design and provide the best solution.