Neopharm Group's distribution chain: a legacy of Over 70 years 

One-Stop Shop

We believe customer service is a long-term relationship. 

In addition to our core services, we offer value-added services that provide creative, high-quality solutions to our customers quickly and efficiently, at the highest industry standards.

Promedico's value-added services encompass product compliance adaptation for the local market (including pharmaceuticals), regulatory adjustments, on-demand kit manufacturing, and subcontracting activities for a wide range of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and medical equipment companies.

Promedico has recently constructed an innovative and advanced overlabeling and customization center and holds all the required licenses to overlabel packages in accordance with the Ministry of Health's procedures. Promedico's value-added services enable our existing customers to save time, energy, and money, leveraging our resources to create more solutions and effectively providing a comprehensive one-stop shop solution.

Special Projects and Services:

The company’s special projects and services solutions are a significant component of our value-added services. 

These services enable companies and organizations to leverage our physical and HR infrastructure to bring any business idea to life and to realize any dream. 

Our subcontracting services are characterized by professionalism, responsibility, and a dedicated focus on meeting customer needs. Our team comprises seasoned experts capable of tackling diverse challenges and delivering tailor-made solutions. 

Our commitment to quality and high professional service requires us to constantly stay at the forefront of the industry and understand evolving market demands. We take pride in our ability to successfully apply advanced knowledge and technology, supporting complex projects. 

Choosing Promedico as your business partner means opting for stability, reliability, and responsibility. We are dedicated to ensuring every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed! We will be happy to assist you in achieving your goals and hitting your targets. You can count on us. 

School Children Health Activity

One of the services that showcases our corporate mission and commitment to the community at the business and social level is the School Children Health Project. 

We are authorized by the Ministry of Health to provide logistical services for the vaccination of children in schools throughout Israel.