Neopharm Group's distribution chain: a legacy of Over 70 years 

For you, anywhere in the world

Welcome to Promedico's world of procurement and import.

We offer advanced end-to-end import and procurement services to all companies from the Neopharm Group and our distribution partners. Import and procurement of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other healthcare products, demands special attention, from inventory planning and controlled transportation of shipments, to import and customs clearances, warehouse delivery, and adapting the local artwork and releasing the products to comply with the requirements of the local market. We take care of the entire process, from procurement planning, through cross-organizational S&OP processes, to the import and procurement phases, handling thousands of shipments by sea, air, temperature-controlled shipments, and courier services. With Promedico, you can be confident that all import and procurement processes are conducted professionally and in accordance with international quality standards.

Procurement Planning

In the initial procurement planning phase, we focus on understanding the customer needs: creating procurement forecasts, reserve inventories, sales targets, maximizing quantities for container shipment, planning delivery schedules, and considering numerous additional parameters. Procurement planning requires monthly ‘plan vs performance’ checks. We do all this in the most efficient and professional manner.


Our relationship with our business partners is superb. We maintain perfect cooperation with our partners to create real value for them. We excel in conducting professional negotiations, including all business aspects such as cost-reduction through disassembling products into component parts. At any given time, we manage over 500 suppliers, thousands of SKUs, and numerous procurement categories.


We provide all import services to the Neopharm Group companies and our business partners. 

At Promedico, we excel in managing all import processes with the utmost professionalism, ensuring our partners’ continuous ongoing operations. Our experienced import team gets involved right from the get-go to optimize the procurement stages such as Incoterms, transportation methods, and accurate product classification for customs clearance. We provide expert guidance at every step of the import process and take responsibility for the shipment from the moment of its preparation by the suppliers. 

With 70 years of operational experience, Promedico has established solid relationships with discharge and customs terminals, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient process in the shortest possible time.