Neopharm Group's distribution chain: a legacy of Over 70 years 

Our Vision

To be a leader in the supply chain and distribution of health, consumer, and quality-of-life products in Israel. To provide our customers with a comprehensive range of creative, and advanced supply chain solutions and services. To provide exceptional service of the highest standard for our valued customers, partners, employees, and shareholders.

Our Values

Partnership - Promedico values teamwork and mutual trust with our customers, suppliers, and employees, driving better outcomes. This partnership fosters a supportive, creative, and inspiring environment, leading to shared success.

Quality - Quality reflects our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. It positively impacts every detail.  At Promedico, quality is a core value that embodies the company’s spirit, its human capital, and vision. 

Safety -  We spare no effort to ensure the safety of our customers, as well as the safety and security of our employees. At Promedico, we believe that a safe environment is a successful environment.

Professionalism - We are dedicated to excellence and professionalism while maintaining the highest professional level in all areas of our activities. We invest considerable resources in sourcing the most advanced and innovative professional know-how, technology and workflows.

Constant growth - We continuously seek new opportunities, build on our strengths, and expand in new and diverse directions. This demands flexibility, a willingness to learn, creativity, and the ambition to embrace new challenges with open arms.

Excellence - Excellence is a goal we strive for in every action and every day. By giving our best and striving for continuous improvement, we cultivate a natural environment of excellence.,